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MERINCOS is dedicated to supporting information literacy teaching in classrooms and school libraries, and offers research-based professional development about information pedagogy.

You are a teacher or a school librarian, and when you assign and supervise research assignments you would like your students to

  • use information from a variety of sources (library, databases, internet, human, museums) in different formats (print and electronic),
  • engage in deep thinking,
  • develop their own point of view from conflicting information rather than present a simple collection of facts?

In our courses we address these and other topics. Our participants

  • develop a broad understanding of information literacy,
  • learn a wide range of pedagogical strategies for enhancing their students' information literacy, and how to apply these strategies in a professional and justified way,
  • learn how to implement a systematic, school-wide information literacy program, integrated in all subject areas,
  • learn how to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration between the teachers and the librarian(s) in their school.

In addition to German and French, we offer courses in English.

Our courses are rooted in the research literature both in terms of their contents and their pedagogical approaches. As far as contents are concerned, they are based on the findings of Nathalie's research (which she undertook in the context of her doctoral studies at the School of Library and Information Science at Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany) as well as studies undertaken by other researchers. The selection of methods has been informed by the research literature about teachers' and librarians' professional learning.

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